Nach der Fintech Week ist vor der Fintech Week:
26.–30. September 2022 wieder in Hamburg!

Foto Speaker Jan Korte

Jan Korte

Project Manager Fintech Hamburg @ Finanzplatz Hamburg e.V.

Jan has been working at the Chamber of Commerce for over ten years, first in the area of start-up consultancy, then as a sector advisor for the IT industry and for five years now in the area of finance, including as an advisor at the office of Finanzplatz Hamburg e.V. and as project manager of Fintech Hamburg. The goal of Finanzplatz Hamburg e.V. is to position Hamburg as a leading financial centre in Europa, which happens in close cooperation with the City of Hamburg. Fintech Hamburg is the showcase for the local scene and the Fintech Agency, operated jointly with Hamburg Invest, is the first point of contact for international fintechs interested in entering the German market.