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Fact Sheet 2019

Facts & Figures

  • FinForward 2019 was a Fintech conference embedded in the wider Fintech Week – Germany’s largest fintech event, which has taken place every year since 2016.
  • FinForward first became a part of Fintech Week in 2018 when the central team from Fintech Week organised and curated a day-long event in one place.
  • This year’s event was designed to put “international delegates first.” In 2018, FinForward took place in German, whereas this year the event was entirely in English and was designed with an “international first” approach from building a community of international partners to the choice of topics to the marketing of the tickets.
  • FinForward’s international expansion was and is supported by Hamburg’s Ministry of Economy, Transport and Innovation. Further sponsors in 2019 included payment giant Visa, lawyers SKW Schwarz and service provider Senacor Technologies.
  • The main theme of this year’s FinForward event was “Don’t Be Afraid Of German Angst” and the panels discussed Germany’s fears for the future vs. their fear of missing out (FOMO), and how fintechs and banks can find the right balance between the two. There was also a track dedicated to internationalisation.
  • Diversity was a big theme at Fintech Week and FinForward. This year, 37% of the speakers at FinForward were female, which is an improvement on last year’s 33%. We have achieved this by prioritising and actively scouting female speakers and will continue to do more to support women in fintech.

Press contact for FinForward

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