170 Delegates Weren’t Afraid Of German Angst

On 7th November 2019, FinForward happened for the second time in Hamburg. At the conference, we wanted to talk not just about technical details but also about emotions, so we chose the theme "Don’t Be Afraid Of German Angst.“ Our aim was to help international fintech startups understand the German market while putting inspiration from the Nordics, Baltics, UK and many other countries at the centre of Germany’s largest fintech event, Fintech Week. The format was compelling enough to capture the imaginations of 170 delegates and many more online viewers. We strive to improve the gender balance of all our events and this time achieved 37% female speakers. This time, we decided on an "international first“ strategy and were grateful to our community of international partners and for the generous financial support of Hamburg's Ministry of Economy, Transport and Innovation as well as our sponsors.