Extended programme

Fintech Week Germany 2019 has been – in part – in English. 🇬🇧 FinForward was the center piece of the English language programme, but there was more from 6th to 7th November from some exciting event hosts. Here’s the events in retrospective:


  • Building Bridges – A Gravning Expedition: Expansion and internationalization are major themes during Fintech Week 2019. Gravning’s consultants will take our audience on a tour into the world of international finance companies. This is where Fintechs share their expansion experiences and much more. Find out more
  • Betapitch Hamburg: The Europe wide startup competition stops in Hamburg during Fintech Week. Startups can pitch and get a chance to be connected with established and renowned investors. Apply now to pitch or get your ticket. Find out more
  • FinForward Check In: We’re starting the process of checking you in for FinForward a little early. That gives you the chance to a) get to know some people beforehand, b) have some free drinks, courtesy of Hamburg Invest, and c) sleep a little longer on the conference day itself. Neat, isn’t it? Find out more


  • FinForward: Of course, in the middle of the action there is FinForward, Fintech Week’s own fintech conference which is international for the first time this year, its theme “Don’t Be Afraid Of German Angst”. Find out more
  • Reeperbahn Startup Pitch: This event is very Hamburg and still more and more international every year. Meet cool new startups, potentially fintechs among them, and network with like minded people. Find out more
  • Fin ‘n’ Tonic: Let us help you wind down after an exciting day at FinForward – with our very own afterparty. The first drink – the name giving mix drink perhaps? – is included. And if you have a ticket for FinForward, you don’t need a separate one for Fin ‘n’ Tonic. Find out more
  • Reeperbahn Startup Pitch Aftershowparty: If that is still not enough, go get your party on at Reeperbahn Startup Pitch’s Aftershowparty. Find out more
  • Risk Assessment of the Future: As online fraudsters evolve their tools and techniques, so must eCommerce players adapt their strategies. Learn about the latest strategies and tools from Risk Management experts, followed by drinks and networking. Find out more