Call for Speakers

So you’d like to speak at FinForward 2019 in Hamburg? Or you would like to recommend someone? You’ve come to the right place. Here you can find out how to apply and get cracking with your application.

FinForward is our international one-day event at the heart of Fintech Week, Germany’s biggest fintech event. It’s the place for startups, banks, insurers and others to get to know the German market and gain inspiration from other countries. This year’s theme is Don’t Be Afraid Of German Angst. We aspire to deliver thought-provoking content and plenty of opportunities for networking and discussion.

Types of speaker

The event will be divided up into 15 sessions. Each session will consist of:

  • Keynote
  • Lightning talk(s)
  • Panel discussion (usually featuring the keynote speaker/lightning talkers)

We will need speakers for all of these roles, but we also need moderators for each session. We aim to have a minimum of 1/3 female speakers at our event. Please note that we hand pick our speakers on account of their suitability for the topic. Sponsorship has no bearing on placement as a speaker.

Call For Speakers Form


Each session will be dedicated to one topic. If you think we’re missing something, by all means get in touch. Here’s what we’ve got planned:

Track 1: German Angst

  • Central banks – fears of losing control to Libra
  • Banks becoming superfluous – banks’ fears of being commoditised, especially as a result of PSD2 and now Libra
  • Obsolete employees – employees’ fears that digitalisation will cost them their jobs
  • Sceptical customers – why do Germans hold on to their cash?
  • Regulators to the rescue – what fears and interests to regulators have to reconcile?

Track 2: Internationalisation

  • The USA – expansion experiences
  • Expansion – is it worth it, or is local focus better?
  • STO/Bitcoin – how they drive internationalisation
  • Expansion decisions – which country and why?
  • ID – identifying customers in various countries

Track 3: Solution Space

  • Workshops (in progress)
  • Digital financial inclusion
  • PSD2/open banking – has the promise of open banking been fulfilled?


1. Do you pay for travel and accommodation?

Unfortunately, we are unable to cover these costs.

2. Who curates the FinForward programme?

Our dedicated team goes to great lengths to put on a stimulating and edifying programme for delegates. We are the same team behind Fintech Week, which has taken place in Hamburg since 2016 and is the biggest fintech event in all Germany.

3. Why do you need such a detailed submission?

The more information you can give us, the easier it is for us to understand how we can place you in the programme. If we need more information, we’ll be in touch.

4. What's in it for me?

FinForward is at the heart of Germany’s biggest fintech event, Fintech Week. You can demonstrate your credentials as an expert and thought leader by placing your ideas and perspectives centre stage in front of an influential audience. Go on – take a selfie with the audience in the background if you like.

5. How do you decide?

Our criteria are guided by the FinForward values and aims. We seek a conference that is:

  • content-driven,
  • future-oriented,
  • international first,
  • representative (diversity is important to us).

In substantive terms, we are aiming to provide:

  • an insight into Germany, the Germans and the German market,
  • a peek outside Germany for inspiration,
  • practical experience sharing,
  • intelligent thought around contemporary trends and societal developments,
  • an understanding of the challenges startups, established players, and society as a whole face, and
  • well thought-through solutions to the aforementioned problems.

6. What happens next?

Upon submitting your application, you will receive an automatic email response with a copy of the information you submitted. We will get back to you either to request further information or to offer you a slot. Please bear in mind that we will probably pair you up with other people, e.g. in a panel discussion, as appropriate.

7. Any other questions?

Please get in touch with us or just go ahead and fill out the form.