Sharing expertise – how to enter the German market

Do., 25.11.2021

15:15 - 16:45

CAMPUS 75 | Raum: 402


Worum es geht

How do European Fintechs succeed in settling in the German Fintech market? Especially for companies from Scandinavia and the Baltic States, Hamburg is the natural regional connecting point. In addition, there is a similar mentality. „Sharing Expertise“ forms the middle part of an afternoon devoted entirely to international exchange and the sharing of experiences.

What kind of questions are the focus of this event?

Sharing expertise is the focus of this session. What kind of questions arise when setting up in the German market? What hurdles can arise and who can help? Who to contact in the Fintech ecosystem in Hamburg?

What are the highlights of this event?

First-hand experience reports on setting up in Germany and information on the local Fintech ecosystem.

Which audience does the event appeal to?

European Fintech startups will get first-hand information on the Fintech ecosystem in Hamburg and first-hand insights from companies, that have already made the move to Germany. Fintech officers and innovation managers from Hamburg’s financial sector will gain insights into issues facing European Fintechs that define the German market as their target. Fintechs of all origins in the pre-seed phase will gain insights into what Hamburg can offer them as a location.

What do the participants take with them?

Who can help when it comes to settlement issues in Germany and Hamburg in particular.